kama RPA

Human-centred intelligence for your process automation…

Make every customer journey more engaging by adding a value-driven conversational layer. kama RPA extends kama DEI’s curated, emotional user interaction and certain use cases to your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications. While convenient access to product and service information is supported with our kama FAQ, kama RPA detects certain inquiries as those that have specific RPA bot functions, conveniently engaging those bots to perform their specific function within a single, seamless user chat experience.

Roll out conversational information delivery as part of your initial AI journey, then add in service automation with your best-of-breed RPA toolsets, all with your customer’s values as the centre of the interaction.

Imagine what an emotionally and contextually aware client interface can do for your employees and clients. Maximize your customer satisfaction and loyalty scores by bringing a human touch to your enterprise’s conversational automation goals with kama DEI’s combined FAQ and RPA capabilities.

Grow your business with kama.ai


With kama DEI


No-code platform provides human-centred conversational interface to your chosen RPA platform or enterprise-built systems. Humanize self-help access to enterprise marketing, support or employee use cases and functions.


All integrated conversational AI or RPA services have a consistent real-time, human-centred, values-driven contextual awareness. Trust and interaction is increased. Automation performance is improved.


Conversation logs give subject matter experts (SME) insight into evolving personal client journeys. Use this SME transparency to improve your customer’s automation and overall satisfaction. Service interactions are easily adapted and grown without costly specialized resources.


Without kama DEI


Multiple chatbots and virtual agents are needed for many enterprises or consumer functions. Adding an emotional conversational layer adds significant overhead during deployment and maintenance.


Integration across conversational AI services lack contextual awareness and a personalized service experience. Automated service uptake may be jeopardized resulting in a lower return on investment.


Lack of a uniform contextual, human-centred interface means similar CX enhancements must be made across many different areas. Data compartmentalized in different platforms requires analysis, normalization, and training cycles. This reduces your deployment efficiency in addition to the overall automation performance and ROI of your systems.

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