kama as a Service

Empower your bots and applications with empathy and contextual understanding…

When delivering specialized services, it is difficult to achieve a broader human understanding of what users may ask of your solution, let alone achieve an emotional connection. Surprise your clients with the kind of empathy they deserve. kama as a Service (KaaS) makes this possible by layering in personal, non-judgemental and humanlike virtual assistant support on top of the special-purpose bot, app, or functions you are delivering.  

Using KaaS, integrated with your special purpose bot or app, kama.ai’s Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform (kama DEI) acts as a third-party failover service to your application. When your application doesn’t understand a broad or tangentially related statement, it calls kama DEI through the KaaS API. Then, kama DEI’s value-driven interaction and ethnographic and/or contextual understanding comes in. Its knowledge base and design helps maintain a feeling of human contact, and it understand broader contexts to get the conversation back on track. Once it identifies an intention that your bot or app is designed for, it hands the conversation back to your bot to complete its function.

The result is a seamless emotionally and contextually rich experience for the user, allowing you as a service provider to work on adding the particular value and functions that you wish to bring your customer base. 

Grow your business with kama.ai


With kama DEI


Design user applications and automation functions based on your technical expertise. Leverage kama DEI for the understanding of human situations and emotions, that play a critical role in overall user experience.


Virtual assistants understand a broad scope contextual situations and the underlying human values in real time. Well-inferred inquiries are handled directly by your solution while more complex contextual and emotional situations are handled seamlessly by kama DEI through the KaaS API.


Specific intelligence and automation is driven by your bot or application. General knowledge, natural language understanding, and emotional understanding and prioritization is delivered by kama DEI. Overall, your client/customer sees one solution, performing intelligently in a broad spectrum of use cases.


Without kama DEI


Development of dedicated chatbots and applications are technical, lacking human-centred contextual understanding. Designing a richer experience is large in scope and expertise and costly to deliver. 


Conversations are clinical and often limited to basic functions. The result (“I’m sorry, I don’t know…” responses) can frustrate users. Worse yet, customer loss and reduced loyalty is a foreseeable possibility.


Opportunities to evolve or expand client journeys and care systems are limited and complex. As application scope increases, accommodating all potential client use cases or inquiries makes the overall project less economically efficient or feasible.

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