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Whether your organization is promoting its latest offering or seeking to be more relevant, kama FAQ is the first level of kama’s Designed Experiential Intelligence® service that helps you deepen client engagement.

Our emotionally intelligent conversational platform adds a humanlike touch and learns your customer’s personal values through interaction over time. It then uses these learnings to help you better respond to inquiries, evolving with each interaction and delivering an increasingly personalized service. This, in turn, builds trust and long-term customer loyalty for your brand.

Additionally, the kama DEI platform understands complex meanings behind words. Whether in voice or text, our patented value-driven natural language technology engages customers in natural, value-based conversations about your offerings. 

Our rapid human-in-the-loop training method empowers your subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide experience-based, transparent, and predictable responses to your clients’ inquiries.


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With kama DEI


Create Personas with the key product, service, corporate, social, and ethical values mapped to individual customers and historical data sources. Design empathetic and trusted interactions.


Live, natural, automated interactions with either text or voice assistants. Your SMEs design and curate conversations to deliver accurate, governed, and truthful information to improve customer experiences and conversation flows.


Conversation logs give SMEs or marketers insight into evolving personal client journeys. This insight allows you to improve your customer journeys and overall experience. Service interactions are easily adapted and grown without costly and specialized resources with our human-in-the-loop rapid training method.


Without kama DEI


Inference created from historical big data sources and model training or tree-structure AI designs. Personalization limited due to the simplicity of data models or decision tree approaches.


Responses are limited and accuracy to customer inquiries may be questionable. Interaction often proves to be shallow, frustrating, and lacking empathy.


Learning requires large data sets that may not always be available. Model training can consume many resources, increasing project costs and slowing time-to-market for improving customer experiences.

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