The Emergence of AI in the Mental Health Industry

As a result of the global pandemic, we have been grappling with new levels of stress, grief, and isolation.

“According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), 77% of adults in Canada are reporting feeling negative emotions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic…. the rising demand for mental health counselling has resulted in 1 in 10 people having to wait roughly 4 months before receiving treatment from community counselling services (CIHI).”

This has presented the need for a more immediate response to cater to rising mental healthcare demands. Innovative solutions utilizing Conversational Intelligence and Emotion AI are providing options for digital services that deliver healthcare information 24×7, including to remote locations, or for those without ample access to mental healthcare and professional counselling services.

The Emergence of AI in the Mental Health Industry” is a whitepaper that looks at the growing innovations in mental health conversational agents. As mental health needs rise, so too does the need for resources. Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically emotionally intelligent conversational agents, are proving to be a viable option to certain mental health situations.

Read the full white paper here.