Smartdesk and Strategic Alliance

kama and SmartDesk and SmartDesk CRM Inc. announce strategic cooperation to bring small and medium-sized enterprises personalized conversational intelligence to SmartDesk’s already feature-rich marketing hub.
The two Canadian companies also have an agreement to integrate’s Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform and SmartDesk’s all-in-on CRM solution to drive additional benefits to the users of both SmartDesk and kama-DEI.
Robert Killin, SmartDesk’s CEO, is pleased with the new partnership, “Having the ability to offer our customers 24×7 support for sales and marketing inquiries through a chatbot is a significant add-on to our current offering. It goes well with our goal of providing an integrated, personalized, and automated marketing platform. We have already launched a kama-DEI chatbot on our site and it was surprising how simple it was to get it responding to inquiries the way it does.
”SmartDesk and are both Canadian Companies offering solutions in the very exciting space of automating and enhancing web commerce and the customer experience.’s CEO, Brian Ritchie. is also very pleased with the new relationship: “We were delighted to find a CRM marketing solution right in our own back yard; I was immediately impressed by SmartDesk’s comprehensive functionality. Part of our agreement is that we will be deploying the integrated kama-DEI-SmartDesk solution to manage our own web-originated inquiries and extend that into managing our sales pipeline and marketing efforts using SmarkDesk CRM.”
Both SmartDesk CRM and kama-DEI are fully commercialized, independent solutions offering rapid, cloud-based SaaS deployments, and cost-effective usage-based price models.
SmartDesk CRM Inc.

The SmartDesk CRM platform helps your team work together – from marketing to sales, to customer service. SmartDesk’s Marketing automation software helps small and medium-sized businesses automate marketing, sales pipelines, and customizable workflows to generate leads, close deals, and grow revenue faster. The ability to tie in website activity, SEO, campaign management, lead generation, and sales management and customer service means your customers are happier, your marketing spend is more effective.’s “Designed Emotional Intelligence”® platform, called kama-DEI, is a natural language conversational technology that lets brands educate and support their customers with personalized service guided by consumer values like “performance”, “style” and “safety”. Consumer-users can access kama-DEI through any medium including chatbots, FB Messenger, Alexa, or mobile phone apps. The result is anytime access to automated, personalized product and service information while ‘real’ CSRs focus on the value-added conversations. kama-DEI RPA is also available as an enhanced service offering to support the automation of repetitive functions such as quoting, registration booking, and order taking.