Seed Funding Press Release

Brian Ritchie,, Felicia Anthonio, #KeepItOn coalition, and Dr. Moses Isooba, Executive Director of UNNGOF for Forus Workshop on AI Activism is pleased to announce the initial closing of its Seed B and B2 rounds of an investment adding over $500,000 of new funds. The proceeds from this investment are being used to advance the development and commercialization of KDC’s Designed Emotional Intelligence™ platform, kama-DEI, providing automated and high-tolerance natural language personalized marketing, and customer support services.

“We were delighted by the interest and confidence that our existing and new seed investors have in our technology and our market opportunity,” said Brian Ritchie, founder and Chief Executive of “We are also pleased with the performance of Kama-DEI for our early customers; it is really everything we hoped it would be and more”.
kama-DEI is now available through kama.AI’s own chatbot front-end but also through Facebook Messenger and, most recently, Alexa and Lex companion services that utilize kama-DEI-as-a-Service (KaaS). kama-DEI’s open API can also be integrated with live-chat systems for improved productivity for enterprise call centers.

For more information on KDC’s Designed Emotional Intelligence™ platform, please visit our website at or email inquires to

Kama.AI is the developer and service provider for kama-DEI, a natural language conversational technology that lets brands educate and support their customers with personalized service guided by consumer values like “performance”, “style” and “safety”. Consumer-users of the service can access kama-DEI through any medium including chatbots, FB Messenger, Alexa, or mobile phone apps. The result is anytime access to automated, personalized product and service information while ‘real’ Customer Service Representatives focus on higher value-added conversations. kama-DEI RPA is also available as an enhanced service offering to support the automation of repetitive functions such as quoting, registration booking, and order taking.