kama DEI Recognized in Gartner Emotion AI Global Roundup

Phone with conversation between two people

We were extremely pleased to have kama DEI identified by world-leading research firm Gartner as one of 18 Emotion AI technology vendors. In their December 2021 report “Competitive Landscape: Emotion AI Technologies, Worldwide” by Annette Zimmermann, Kama.ai and our kama DEI solution was acknowledged as an NLT-Based Phonetic/Text Analysis technology, specifically focusing on our personalized conversational intelligence capabilities.

Gartner chart which details a list of Emotion AI vendors, including kama.ai

The kama.ai Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform, kama DEI, is a particular form of Emotion AI comprised of a zero-code, knowledge graph approach to conversational AI, with a patented human value rating system. This unique design facilitates personalized conversations that can make prioritized product and service recommendations based on the users’ values.

To see kama DEI perform in action, click here to arrange a product demonstration or here to fill out an inquiry.