kama.ai Releases EI for 3rd Party Bots

kama ai and SmartDesk

kama.ai is pleased to announce the commercial release of kama DEI-as-a-Service for 3rd Party Bots or, KaaS 3PB, expanding the Emotional Intelligence (EI) capabilities of digital conversations.

Chatbots, or more precisely the back-end AI services that power chatbots are powerful enablers for enterprises in achieving their goals for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  The use of RPA and chatbots allow live agents to focus on escalations and solving higher value customer issues by automating repetitive conversation or tasks. However, without a contextual understanding of each customer’s personal communication style and values, RPA and Chatbots can result in poorer customer experience and lower ROI.

kama DEI’s “Designed Emotional Intelligence”®  platform is based on a vast and expanding knowledge network of real-world information combined with a patented (human) value-rating technology. The combined solution allows for personalized contextual conversation, with learning abilities that further improve the desired outcomes important to each enterprise. With this release, the kama DEI platform can now be easily combined with other RPA and chatbot services to improve the overall customer experience and ROI.

Kama.AI CEO, Brian Ritchie, explains it as the difference between specialty skills and a broader humanistic understanding. “Consider an insurance or banking application. If a consumer comes to a bot and says they are looking for an insurance quote or a mortgage, a specialty bot can absolutely understand that intent and respond based on the enterprise’s business logic. But if the consumer says “We just had a baby”, the bot likely has no capability to respond appropriately and direct the discussion to one of the specific functions that the bot is built for. That’s where Kama DEI comes in; we specialize in personalized conversational emotional intelligence to support the 3rd party bot before it has to say “I’m sorry, I don’t understand” leaving the user to guess the next step, or worse, exit the engagement. 

Previously, kama DEI’s Designed Emotional Intelligence® was only available to kama.ai’s customers using their specialized platform, with optional endpoints like Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa. With the release of KaaS 3PB, kama-DEI’s contextual understanding and emotional intelligence is opened to virtually any chatbot or combined with any backend RPA or AI solution. Integration has already been successfully verified with RPA functions provided by Meya.AI and AWS Lex bots while other platforms will require little or no additional adaptation.   

kama.ai’s Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform, kama DEI, is a natural language conversational intelligence that lets brands educate and support their customers with personalized service guided by consumer values like “performance”, “style” and “safety”. Consumer users can access kama DEI through any medium including chatbots, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, or mobile phone apps. The result is anytime access to the automated, personalized product, and service information while live agents focus on higher-value conversations. kama DEI RPA is also available as an enhanced service offering to support the automation of repetitive functions such as quoting, registration booking, and order taking.