kama.ai Joins RESEAU’s Community Circle™

Reseau partners with Indigenous business kama.ai

VANCOUVER – December 7, 2022RESEAU, Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, announces that it is expanding its network of strategic partners to include the Indigenous business and conversational intelligence provider kama.ai. 

We are very happy to add a new customer to our Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform. We are especially pleased to support an organization that does such meaningful work for First Nations and other remote communities as improving water quality and, ultimately, the health of the communities.

RESEAU Executive Director, Keyvan Maleki, reflected, “When it comes to innovation, Rural and Urban are analogous to ice and water; the economies associated with ways each are produced, traded, transported, stored, used, and sustained are just different. Global innovation bandwidth is preoccupied with opportunities in urban markets, powered by big data. Industry narrowly understands the diverse challenges of the rural settings… we knew AI was the path forward for us to scale… We were searching for an approach that focused on inclusive solutions for diverse populations, that can help contextualize ethnographic data, and deliver culturally appropriate outcomes. I’m grateful to our strategic market research partner, Gartner, for recommending Kama.ai. It is one thing to be affiliated with a company that has a patented, ethical, conversational problem-solving approach guided by human values, but it is another to have an Indigenous owned AI company as partner.”