kama.ai Adds Advanced Inference and Responsible Generative AI

Vector image of people using kama.ai's Advanced Inference feature on their phones.

On August 30, 2023, kama.ai announced in a press release the addition of two key new features to its kama DEI Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform: Advanced Inference and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). These new features continue kama.ai’s progression of using conversational intelligence responsibly in enterprise applications.

“Our Advanced Inference feature uses our knowledge graph as a ‘human behavioural model’ to determine possible underlying situations, validating these possibilities in human value priority conversationally, with empathetic responses and helpful, supportive information offerings along the way,” says kama.ai CEO Brian Ritchie. “This is something that is just not available in the industry right now and we are very pleased to be introducing it.”

With Version 3, kama DEI enterprise users will have access to responsible and efficient Generative AI capabilities. Enterprise users will continue to benefit from the transparent and predictable graph database approach that facilitates enterprise-grade knowledge engineering and best-in-class conversational information access.

The two new features, Advanced Inference and Retrieval Augmented Generation, are briefly described in the press release. Read it now on GlobeNewswire.